Hear from cyclists

Spencer Moavenzadeh

2019 Collegiate National Time Trial Champion, 2018 USA CRITS U23 Champion
Jeff is much more than just a coach: he was an incredible mentor in the sport. The learnings I have gained from him will stick with me forever. Before I began working with Jeff, I had no idea how many aspects were involved in developing a training plan which worked for my schedule; despite the sport being one which could be so daunting and complicated, Jeff helped guide me with incredible support in a stress-free and inspiring way.

In terms of all that I have learned from him: Jeff has taught me so much about specific interval sessions, year-long plans and goals and the impacts those have on approaches to training, the importance of balancing sessions with one another and balancing specific sets with those which are enjoyable and interesting, and race tactics and the mental cues needed to pick up in reading a race. What I have mentioned here is merely a small part of it all, but one of the greatest assets Jeff has is his approach. Jeff taught me how much a lifelong sport cycling is and how supportive the community can be, and I owe so much of my development and foundations to him.

When we began, he took a very macro-level approach to training to explain his purpose and perspective. As our relationship developed, we dove deeper into important things in a timely manner. At the very same time, Jeff was willing to answer and guide me around any questions I had pertaining to any part of the sport. His help and guidance was always present. For nearly every lesson we had, Jeff discussed the purposes of what we were doing and went out of his way send new research or articles he found whenever he did. Every email or talk we had was one which gave me pride in the plan we had developed; Jeff’s guidance was incredibly motivating in this way.

Additionally, his experience is undeniable. From his own time in the sport, he was able to read into my reports and personally understand the sensations I was having in the workouts. Jeff used his experience to explain and mold my plan with how my body reacted and developed; his ability to do so is incredibly unique and undoubtedly something which sets Jeff apart from all other coaches I know. As a result, my growth in the sport was rapid and strong without being overly exhausting. I kept my enjoyment and grew more motivated through my time with him. My training was enjoyable, as it should be, and through it I became a learner myself. I grew to understand sensations and workouts in a similar way he could.

Jeff is a perfect example of why one should hire a personal coach instead of following a general training plan. I highly suggest him to anyone: he is one I learned a lot from and will always look forward to riding with whenever I visit New England. He is a great mentor and forever a great friend.

Thom Coupe

Elite Cyclist, Short Track Speed Skating Champion, and Personal Trainer – Hollywood California
Jeff Palleiko was and remains a very influential friend and mentor in my life. I can’t speak highly enough about the guy, as both a person and a coach. Our strong relationship stems back to when he began coaching me at the young, impressionable age of 15. As a student at Tilton School, Jeff helped guide and train me to 4 individual, NEPSAC Cycling Championships; top placements at Junior World Cup events; 1st Place in the Habana Del Este Championships in Havana, Cuba; and, in my later years, onto a professional level cycling career.

His genuine compassion, insight, knowledge and experience, along with his reliable, world-class coaching and communication skills, helped me reach my cycling goals, blossom as an individual, and steer me – not only as an athlete but as a young adult – through the somewhat turbulent waters of my adolescent years. I am forever grateful for his guidance, expertise, attention and care…all of which goes far beyond all he ever taught me about racing and/or my bike. To this day, I still cherish and carry with me the time we worked together 15+ years ago…and I’m better for it!
All hats off to you, Jeff – Thanks!

Owen Loustau

Phillips Exeter Academy Varsity Cycling 2019 MVP
After today’s ride, I thought I should reach out to say thank you for all that you have done for myself as an individual and the team as a whole this season. You have so much knowledge, experience, and spirit that you were able to bring to the cycling team and really immerse us in the sport. I personally went from knowing nothing about cycling to feeling like a real cyclist. You have given me confidence that I can hold my own in the Prep School league and with other cyclists that I come across. I feel like I got a lot stronger this season as well, and looking back, I am wondering how that happened. I was too busy having fun to really be working out – I guess we were doing that simultaneously.

Photo courtesy Brian Muldoon