Phillips Exeter Wins NERCL Championship

Jeff had the opportunity to coach Phillips Exeter Academy’s cycling team for the 2019 season. While PEA wasn’t the biggest or oldest team in the league, every rider worked hard and showed improvement from week to week. The result was a grouping of results so solid that the team sat in first place for virtually the entire season—a testament both to the team and to Jeff’s coaching style.

By maximizing each rider’s potential and teaching them to leverage their strengths through race strategy, Jeff is able to successfully and consistently develop riders of all abilities.

In an interview with Exeter Today, Jeff discussed the work ethic and camaraderie within the team: “I was extremely impressed with our team’s dedication and spirit… They embraced all the hard intervals, trained through some brutally cold and windy weather, and enjoyed the easier recovery days. Best of all, they were there for each other day in, day out—they were always encouraging, motivating, and cheering loudly for each other. It was an absolute honor to work with such a committed group of cyclists.”

Jeff Palleiko Coaching - Phillips Exeter Cycling Girls A Squad NERCL Championships photo courtesy Brian Muldoon
Phillips Exeter Academy girls A squad driving the pace at the 2019 NERCL Championships – Photo courtesy of Brian Muldoon